8 Place Card Ideas that Stand Out from a Crowd

One of the most integral elements of a reception table setting is the place card.  It tells your guests where to sit, lets the caterer know who ordered which dish, and generally prevents the dinner portion of the evening from falling into complete chaos.  Ok, that may be a bit overkill, but you get the idea.  They’re important.

But just because almost every wedding has place or escort cards doesn’t mean yours have to look like everybody else’s.  This is a great place to think outside the box and bring in fun, unique elements to your wedding.  Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

From Nature

Agate Slices

These gorgeous, polished slices of natural quartz come in so many colors that you’re sure to find one that matches your theme.  Calligraphy ink flows beautifully across the surface (yep, we can do that for you *here*), giving you endless color and style options!  


For a subtle, natural feel to your place settings, consider using river rocks instead of paper cards.  You can easily find rocks in various colors ranging from black, grey, and white to browns and reds.  With most reasonably smooth rocks, you can do traditional calligraphy.  If the surface has too many pits and divots, a paint pen can be used instead.  If you want to provide your own rocks, we can experiment with the surface and help you decide which route is best, or you can purchase our settings *here*.  We source our river rocks to be smooth so they’re perfect for pointed pen!

Preserved Leaves

If you’re hosting an outdoor garden wedding, or if you just wish you were and want to bring some of the outdoors in, leaves make a wonderful substitute for traditional escort or place cards.  While you can use fresh leaves, they tend to wilt and brown pretty quickly.  Because of this, we recommend using preserved leaves (like *these*) instead.  They will stay green for months or years and offer an amazing pop of color to your tablescape.

Fun & Funky

Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses

A personal favorite, these are for the bride who is looking to have some fun at her wedding!  Adding a perfectly subtle touch of salt to your guest’s shot, you can use them as escort cards ahead of the ceremony with your guests’ names and table numbers and a poetic “take a shot and take a seat” sign, or you can use them as a true place card at each setting.  Bonus, they double as a perfect wedding favor so you’ll have one less thing to plan!  And yes, we do these too. 

Champagne Flutes

Like the Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses, champagne flutes are a great way to start your reception off with a fun flair. You can line them up on a table or hang them from an eye-catching foliage wall, giving your guests an entertaining game of hide-and-seek to find their glass (and their seat) while you’re taking post-ceremony photos. Plus, like the shot glasses, these lovely flutes can also act as your wedding favors!

Vintage Windows & Doors

Yep, you read that right. A wonderfully unique was of creating a seating chart that your guests have likely never seen before is by using vintage finds like windows and doors. Assign each window or door pane to a table and calligraph the name of each guest accordingly. Bonus: you can suspend your vintage find near the reception entrance for an extra chic, floating display.

Cool & Modern

Marble & Porcelain Tiles

Perfect for a modern wedding with bold colors and sharp edges, tiles make a statement all their own. I’m sure you’re scratching your head and envisioning the aisles of Home Depot right now, but don’t run off just yet. From glossy subway tiles in a myriad of colors to hexagonal Italian marble with dramatic veining, tiles can serve as a wonderful pop of drama on your tablescape.


Acrylic place cards have begun to gain a following in the wedding industry and it’s easy to see why. The sleek lines of acrylic rectangles and hexagons paired with the flowing fabric of a reception tablecloth make a stark, eye-catching combination. Plus, being crystal clear, you have an extra chance to bring your wedding colors to life. A bold swatch of color on the back of the card and a beautifully scripted name on the front are a perfect pairing.


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